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' This is a fine production of a work that is both relevant and timely by an exciting young new company, Around the Moon Productions.'

- Theatre People  

'The chemistry between the actors was excellent – whether in moments of conversation, confrontation, or weighted silence. 'There’s a terrific story being told throughout the show by all involved''

- Arts Review

'All four performances are layered as required and admirable in their virtuosity. Director James Vinson is an award-winning short film and television series director, here making his live theatre debut and he does a fine job, sustaining pace and taking his cast with apparent ease through multiple transitions across the two hours and twenty minutes – no interval – running time." 

- Stage Whispers

'I love the constant shifts in dynamic which expose vulnerabilities and chinks in the players’ armour. Dominant one moment, they are exposed the next. That makes for a totally involving experience because the actors who perform the roles are so believable. Each of them is mighty. In fact, here we have four stellar showings, led so admirably by Charles Grounds as Jeff.'

- The Blurb

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